PCB Labeling

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Photos Details ECM ID# Model Year Condition Serial Number Price Description
Photos Details 410 Flex Link Labeling m 2006 Perfect I have 20 of these labeling machines in stock. They are a true robotic labeling machine and are capable of printing labels in numeric sequence or barcode in any orientation conceivable. These machines cost you over $125,000 you can own one for a fraction of the cost. They are in line in perfect condition and ready to go.
Photos Details 519 Baublys 20W Control Laser 2004 Like new 9415501204 Baublys 20W Diode Control Laser marking system
Photos Details 1108 Control Micro 20W Fiber Laser 2006 Excellent 06036 Laser Control Micro 20W Fiber Laser 2006 Set up for etching on PCBs with Gold Pockets and should mark fine on FR4 and Metals

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